{Deluxe Edition} the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption

by Caroline Cobb

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    Devotionals by Caroline's friends who are in full-time vocational ministry all over the world. Artwork by professional artists and designers Brian Danaher, Amanda Herring, Chris Koelle, Jim LePage, Mandy Thompson, and Marlo Saucedo. Read your e-book on your Kindle, iPad, or e-Reader.

    Includes unlimited streaming of {Deluxe Edition} the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Includes unlimited streaming of {Deluxe Edition} the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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The deluxe edition comes with a 52-page digital companion handbook, complete with devotionals, song stories, lyrics, scripture references, and artwork for each song, plus bonus materials.


released June 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Caroline Cobb

Song writer. Song singer. Mom to Ellie & wife to Nick. Spent 2011 writing a song for every book of the Bible by the time she turned 30 on 11/11/11, and is now planning to record an album she is currently calling The Scripture to Music Collective, Volume 1, due out in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: From Him, to Him
O, the depths of the riches
Of the wisdom and the knowledge
Of our God, our God

How unsearchable his judgments
How unfathomable his ways!
Who could be His counselor?
Could give Him a gift He must repay?

For from Him and to Him
All things through Him, Amen!
Honor, power
Glory forever to Him

He was in the beginning
His blood has bought our peace
Over, above, before
The Son, the risen Lord
Exalted over everything!
Track Name: Garden
Beauty from void, dark to light
Sun for the day, stars for the night
For you I’ll plant a garden, fill it with light
Food for your mouth and color for eyes, and…

I will breathe into the dust
The breath of life and all my love
And when you open your eyes
You will see and be satisfied
Because I will be with you
I will be with you, I

Fall asleep; I’ll make for you a love
Love like a shield, like a home, like a dove
You are free, but ever enthralled
And I, I will be your all, and…

Pick the lies right off the tree
Your eyes are opened but not to see
Build a tower to the sky
You think you know, you think you’re wise
Melt your gold down to a god
Sell your soul to pay for your facade
Trade your truth for silence
I’ll let you loose if you want it
Track Name: All the Stars
You followed me out to desert places
Leaving all familiar faces
To a land I will
Show you, promise you

Lift your eyes and look around you
Know my promise will be found true
All the land you see will your children’s be

And all the stars in the big, big sky
And all the sand in the oceans wide
Will not outnumber, will not outnumber you

All the people in the big, big world
All the nations of the earth
They will wonder, they will wonder at you

From your blood shall come kings
Everlasting, everlasting
My covenant will be steadfast and free

From you shall come many nations and generations
They will be my lot, and I will their God

But up on the mountain the stars lose their light
An ocean of sorrow s you raise the knife
But I will remember and I will provide
The blood for the altar and raise up his life
Track Name: The Passover Song (feat. Sean Carter)
There’s a promise in our veins
But it’s faded by all these years in chains
Send a prophet, send the plagues
That by sunrise we will no more be slaves

Take the lamb, take the blood
And paint it on our doorways
At night death will come but pass us by

This is all our hope and peace

In the morning we will rise
Taste the freedom we thought we’d never find
We will dance now in the streets
Once held captive now we shall live as kings

Lift your head, your voice
And sing of your salvation
Of the blood of the lamb that gave us life

Now by this we’ll overcome
Now by this we’ll reach our home

There’s a poison in our veins
And it leads to death we cannot escape
Send a ransom a perfect Son
Remedy the curse with His precious blood

And the Lamb that will come
His cross will be our doorway
And the red of His blood ill make us white
And daughters and sons
Rejoice in resurrection
And death swallowed up in endless life

Glory, glory this I sing
All my praise for this I bring
Naught of good that I have done
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Track Name: Your Wounds
Oh man of sorrows
Hated and despised
So marred, so ugly
We all turned our eyes

Like sheep we’ve wandered
Going our own way
It pleased the Father
To crush You in our place

Your wounds, our healing
Your stripes, our peace
You carried our sorrows
You carried our griefs
Your suffering, our hope

You poured out your soul
Unto death
So we could be counted

Sinless one who takes our sins
Dying one our death condemns
Bearing our guilt though innocent
But the grave can’t hold you in
Track Name: Dry Bones
Dry bones
Hearts of stone
Slain and left
In the valley of death

Been dead so long
All the flesh is gone
A mass grave
No one can raise

But you said “live”
And the ground it gives
And the bones start to rattle
And the darkness lifts

And you give them blood and bone and
Hearts of stone to flesh
You give them muscle, skin
And life within the breath

Open graves
Bodies raised
The living breath
Reversing death
Track Name: Everything You've Heard
You’ve heard it said, “don’t you murder anyone”
But you carry your anger like a knife
And your insults like a gun

You’ve heard it said, “don’t you cheat on your wife”
But your mind is a motel room
And you undress the other woman with your eyes

Oh everything you’ve heard, I’m turning on its head
I’m cutting to the quick of the law and the prophets
I’m gonna finish what they said

You’ve heard it said “A king will come with a sword”
But I tell you to turn the other cheek
And I’ll wear a crown of thorns

Yes I’m the son of the One,
But I’ve come to wage another war
And I’ll bleed for my enemies
And I’ll settle the score
Track Name: Gethsemane
I climbed a mountain with three friends
Feel the darkness pressing in
I ask them to please stay awake
And I go off alone to pray

Father, please would you take this cup?
It’s a heavy load to carry
But not my will, but what you want
Until I’m dead and buried

Sweat and blood they fall like tears
It seems the last star’s disappeared
Death it comes to separate
And my friends can’t stay awake

They came with clubs to capture me
An old friend he kissed my cheek
And all my friends they ran away
And I’m alone, denied, betrayed

My God, my God’s forsaken me
Hanging broken on a tree
“Who can save you now?” they laugh
The darkness comes, I breathe my last
Track Name: He is Risen
He is risen, He is risen
And the stone is rolled away
He is risen, He is risen
Proven by the empty grave

Touch his wounds, his hands, his sides
And leave all your doubts behind
He is risen, He is risen
He is risen and alive

Death is beaten, sin is vanquished
God’s just wrath is satisfied
Christ is risen, Christ exalted
Seated at the Father’s side

His body torn, our living way
Our living hope, His body raised
He is risen, He is risen
He is risen from the grave

He is risen, He is risen
This is all my hope and stay
He is risen, He is risen
He is risen from the grave!

Jesus risen is returning
We are longing for the day
When the King will bring the kingdom
For this blessed hope we wait

The trumpet sounds and we are changed
And we will see him face to face
Jesus risen, Jesus risen
Jesus risen from the grave

The trumpet sounds and we are changed
And death itself will pass away
We are risen, with him risen
We are risen from the grave
Track Name: Breath of God
The Breath of God, the Promised One
Filled their mouths and loosed their tongues
To sing the praise of the risen Son
The mighty works that God has done

The breath of God on daughters, sons
He is poured out on old and young
To sing the praise of the risen Son
The mighty works that God has done

O breath of God, O Spirit come
Fill our mouths, And loose our tongues
To sing the praise of the risen son
The mighty works that God has done

In these last days Everyone
Who calls the name Of the Risen Son
They shall be saved by His precious blood
Oh mighty work that God has done!
Track Name: Wake Up
Through one man death it came
Running like a virus through our veins

Sin it comes and takes the reigns
Builds its kingdom on the backs of slaves

Through a second man Adam’s better son
Death it dies, and life it comes

Every power under his feet
Death is dyin’ in defeat

Wake up, wake up
And listen for the trumpet sound
For a dead man rose up from the ground
Rise up, rise up
You dry bones in the dirt
For the Son of God has risen up first

I tell you this mystery
Death itself will lose its sting

When the dying dress in the deathless life
And we are changed in the twinkle of an eye

Sown in weakness, raised in power
Sown in dust, death and dishonor
Raised immortal, never again to die
Death is swallowed up by life
Track Name: Glory, Power, Honor Forever
For from Him, to Him
All things through Him
Honor and power
Glory forever to Him!

Now by this we’ll reach our home!
Now by this we’ll overcome!
We will see Him face to face!
We will see and be satisfied!
He will be our God!