by Caroline Cobb

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Russ Parman Caroline's music and lyrics in this and her other works are truly unique and original, revealing a deep understanding of the beauty and truth of the gospel message. Awesome stuff!
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released October 25, 2009

Guitar, Vocals: Caroline Cobb Smith
Background Vocals: Kathryn Baldanza
Drums: Pete Koeplin
Bass: Tracy Ferrie
Cello: Amanda Holley
Violin: Rebecca Blumhoffer
Viola: Jonathan Blumhoffer
Percussion: Mandy Thompson
Dobro, Mandolin, Lead Guitar, Banjo: Michael Bean
Piano: Jeremy Good

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Music, Middleton, MA (

Photography by Ginger O’Brien
Design by Nicole Rim

Words and music by Caroline Cobb Smith, except “Give Me Jesus” (words by Fanny Crosby, Public Domain).




all rights reserved


Caroline Cobb

Song writer. Song singer. Mom to Ellie & wife to Nick. Spent 2011 writing a song for every book of the Bible by the time she turned 30 on 11/11/11, and is now planning to record an album she is currently calling The Scripture to Music Collective, Volume 1, due out in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Thank You
You made everything, everything I see
You made the flowers and the bumble bee
You made the rivers you made the trees
You made the mountains and you made the seas

And you made the people in the big city
Made my heart and you told it to beat
You made my friends and my family
Made my love and you gave him to me so I

Thank you, thank you
Meaning has infused everything
Thank you, thank you
We know you rule, love will redeem

Look around and you will see
The world is not how its meant to be
There is no love or sanctity of life
We do just as we please
But one day we’ll get down on our knees
Shut our mouths and we will see
The beauty and the glory
We will shine and we will sing, sing

…. We know you rule, love will redeem
As the morning breaks through the night, now we see
As the sun shines forth full bright so we’ll see

Track Name: Spring
It’s been winter for way too long
The snow keeps comin’ when will it be gone?
You’re my sunshine, You’re my song
But my soul is feelin’ cold so please come on
Stop the snow from falling
Start the growing

I want to see the spring
After a long winter

I want to feel the heat oh I
I want to see the sun
Melting my frozen heart
‘Til I’m undone oh

In the winter, colors turn white
But I want it to be green and full and bright
Bring the flowers, bring the light
Breathe into me, bring the dead to life

Stop the snow from falling
Start the growing

Track Name: Dark
I wake up early, I drive to work, it’s dark outside
And here in my heart, like outside my window
It’s dark as night
It slipped right in, like a thief, and stole my sun
Did I leave the key in the lock
Did I slip from the rock that was underneath

Oh (Love), don’t let me stay down
Hope, don’t leave me alone
God, God where did you go, where did you go
I’m losing myself, that’s how I feel, from dawn until night
So I fall asleep, lured by the lies,
But I feel to worthless to fight


I know in my head that I’m wrong
He is right here inside my song
But I feel the rain in my heart
The clouds rolling in, making it dark
But here is my prayer, I step down now
I won’t listen to the lies, I’m gonna listen to you now
I’m gonna see myself in the light of you
Cause I am yours, and that is the truth
Track Name: Let Me Be
Open the window pane so I can feel the rain
And let the wind pour in, oh let it touch my skin
Cause while all the world rush round
I don’t wanna hear a sound
But the rain fall down and my knees hit the ground

Let me be still, let me be quiet
Let me be alone, let me be silent
So I can hear your voice,
Yeah you leave me no choice but to listen

So let all the world just stop
I find myself standing on the rock
Though the waves crash down, no I will not lose my place
Jesus He holds me, Jesus He has me
When the storm comes round, all I have to do is pray

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Garden
Beauty from void, dark to light
Sun for the day, stars for the night
For you I’ll plant a garden, fill it with light
Food for your mouth and color for eyes

I will breathe into the dust
The breath of life and all my love
And when you open your eyes
You will see and be satisfied
Because I will be with you
I will be with you, I

Fall asleep, I’ll make for you a love
Love like a shield, like a home, like a dove
You are free, but ever enthralled
And I, I will be your all


Pick the lies right off the tree
Your eyes are opened
But not to see
Build a tower to the sky
Flap your arms
You think you fly
Melt your gold down to a god
Sell your soul to pay for your facade
Trade my love for silence
I’ll give you up if you want it

Track Name: Dirt
I am like the dried up earth
Wasted and waiting for the rain
I can’t boss the sky ‘cause I’m just dirt
But I sure am glad that the water came
But I sure am glad that the water came

I am like a leafless tree
Dead beneath the winter’s cold
I can’t make the sun shine on me
But I sure am happy when he melts the snow
But I sure am happy when he melts the snow

I am a battle I am a war
Captive to keepin’ the score
I can’t shake the law, can’t shake my shame
Won’t somebody come and break these chains

I am a sinner born in the dark
Dead like the dirt and the leafless tree
There’s a war inside my heart
But the blood of Jesus sets me free
But the blood of Jesus sets me free
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Track Name: Abel
Abel, your blood is in my mouth
Abel, your blood is crying out
He was angry or jealous
His heart was full of hate
But your blood is on your brother
And it’s calling out His name

Abel, betrayed in your last breath
And I am full of blood and dirt and death
But there is hope for you, and even for your brother yet
Cause there’s a Judge and He’ll avenge all
The blood of the oppressed

Abel, you know another man came down
Abel, you know His blood poured on the ground
He was right and He was love
He was buried in the dirt
But He broke free and His blood still
Cries out for the earth

Abel you’re not the only one
Cause it’s been brother against brother/ And father against son
Tribe killing tribe/ Race killing race (even in God’s name)
But the blood on the ground is the same in the veins
Flowing through you Abel and through your brother Cain

Abel one day all will be made right
Abel one day your blood will stop its cry
But til that day Love will fight even in God’s name
To bring justice for the helpless, redemption for Cain
Justice for the helpless, redemption for Cain and Abel

Please don’t fight anymore, be your brother’s keeper
Please don’t fight anymore, be your brother’s keeper
Please don’t fight anymore, be your brother’s keeper
Track Name: Sing
My voice is weak my fingers slow
But when I sing it’s in my soul
My words are simple
They’re not poetry
But I will sing, I’m gonna sing, I’m gonna sing

Would you be near in my song
Be what they hear, you alone
I’ll sing in reverence
I’ll sing in fear
But I will sing, I’m gonna sing, yes I will sing
Yes I will sing, I’m gonna sing yeah

When I get to heaven and I get my crown
I’ll bend my knees and lay it down
With all the angels all around
I will sing, yes I will
Yeah we will sing, we will all sing yeah
Track Name: Give Me Jesus
Take the world, but give me Jesus;
All its Joys are but a name,
But His love abideth ever,
Through eternal years the same.

Take the world, but give me Jesus,
Sweetest comfort of my soul;
With my Savior watching o'er me,
I can sing, though billows roll.

Oh, the height and depth of mercy!
Oh, the length and breadth of love!
Oh, the fullness of redemption,
Pledge of endless life above
Pledge of endless life above

Take the world, but give me Jesus;
In His cross my trust shall be,
Till, with clearer, brighter vision
Face to face my Lord I see.

Take the world, but please don't take Jesus
Track Name: Wings
There is hunger, there is war
There is sickness and there are poor
There are widows, there are wounds
There are orphans and I’m here in my room…. God

Give them wings to fly on
Give them wings to fly on
Give them wings to fly on
Into your (my) arms
Into your (my) arms


In the silence there comes a word
The voice of Jesus that I have heard
If you love me feed my sheep
Bind up the broken, love the least of these

…Into my arms
The arms of a Father whispering “child”
Arms like a refuge when violence is wild
Arms of a healer that heals their disease
Arms of love, Arms of love
Track Name: Confession
God my Maker, the One who found me
I was dead and you said “life”
Your love and mercy, wrapped around me
Christ the blanket, his blood the price

Begging mercy I come face down
I have sinned and stained your name
Lesser loves wooed me, a broken vow
Pride enthroned me to my shame

My plea is Christ and not my own good
Hands and feet nailed to the wood
Oh God have mercy on me a sinner
Have mercy on me a sinner

O Lord hear me, my Lord forgive
And cast me not away
Open my mouth and loose my lips
That I may sing your praise


While I in sorrow kneel
The Father starts to run
Bring robe and ring, shoes and meal
Rejoice o’er my prodigal son
Track Name: Next Year
God, where am I going? Where am I going?
The wind is blowin’, but I don’t know where I’m goin’
Oh I know I’m going to heaven but I don’t know what I’m doing next year

Oh I got a man, I got a man
And with my man, I know where I stand
But me and my man we don’t know what we’re doing next year

What if we had a baby, what if we had a baby
Wouldn’t that be crazy, if we had a baby?
But maybe just maybe we’ll have a baby next year

What if I were a rock star, what if I were a rock star
Let’s not go too far, but if I were a rock star
I’d play on my guitar every night in the bar next year

What if we moved to Texas? Back to the South?
I’d put that Tex Mex in my mouth
If it were up to my mouth we’d move back to the South next year

We could go back to work, back to school or both, Get out a map and travel back and forth
Go on home or stay right here, God please God would you make it so clear
Tonight I’m singing in front of this crowd, One day I’ll be singing in heaven so loud
But in between it’s very unclear, Cause we don’t know what we’re doing next year

Next year, next year, next year, next year

Cause we know we’re goin to heaven but we don’t know what we’re doing next year